MbYAS 2004

2004 Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas

Three weeks later the air was vibrant
once again with singing and the babble of many voices. This time the venue was Hostel C in Outer Meherabad, and the occasion was the 4th annual Meherabad Young Adults Sahavas, which brought together 85 young adults from all over India and the West. For a week (from 2nd to 9th of August) these 19-to-30-year-olds joined to focus on Baba through various activities —Arti at the Tomb-Shrine, visits to Meherazad and the mandali, a talk by Don Stevens, a concert and stories with Baba’s nephews Rustom and Sohrab, discussion groups, a God Speaks session, workshops (on T-shirt painting, music making, dance, tile painting, frame making, etc.), a trip to the
Imampur mosque, singing, service projects (tree planting and the cleaning of Mandali Hall), and of course, assorted spontaneities—such as conversations running
late into the night...