MbYAS 2012

Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas - 2012

This year’s theme for Sahavas was Hold Fast to My Daaman.

Participation of Baba Lovers:

48 Young Adult Baba Lovers (15women & 33men) from All–India AMB Centres (New Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Amravati, Daryapur, Meherabad and more.) participated in the Sahavas program.

Program Highlights:

First Day - MbYAS celebrations kicked-off with the Welcome Tilak of Sahavasees followed by registration for lodging and meals at Hostel-C. Sahavasees were distributed T-shirts, caps, Id- cards, water bottles, schedule copies of the program, note-books & pens and were escorted by volunteers to their respective assigned bays.

In the afternoon, the entire group of Sahavasees were given orientation on Meherabad Directives, General Sahavas guidelines and MbYAS program schedule by the Organising Group. Follow by beautiful garland making of flowers-roses, jasmine, marigold of by Sahavasees to be offered at Beloved Baba’s Samadhi. Welcome Tea and Chocolate Cake was served by MPR kitchen.

In the evening Dhuni was lit outside Hostel C by First-time Sahavasees followed by Dhuni Prayer by Alan, Meher Chalisa and Baba bhajans were also sung by Sahavasees. After this, there was a beautiful Bharatnathiyam Dance performance by (New Baba Lover& First –time Sahavasee) to invoke Beloved Baba’s divine presence in the Sahavas. Brother Eruch’s message given by him for MbYAS-2001 was read aloud and copies were distributed among the Sahavasees.  The evening program was closed by Beloved’s prayer and daily prayer given by Baba to entrust our deeds, thoughts, actions to Him.

Second Day of Sahavas was opened with roaring AMBKJ!! And Bhauji’s message specially given for Sahavasees.  Shri. Jal Dastur & Smt. Dolly Dastur addressed the Sahavasees with a warm welcome note about their Life with Beloved Baba and Service at Meherabad. The Guest Speakers for the day were Mr. Hoshang and Mrs. Havovi Dadachanji. Both of them shared their personal story of coming in fold of Beloved Baba, the beautiful Guruprasad days and  how to Hold Fast To Baba’s Daaman.

In the afternoon the Sahavasees got together for Music & Dance workshops to drown in the Ocean of Baba’s love and remembrance.

The evening session was opened with Group Discussions on 7 different topics (Faith in Baba, How to Work for Baba, How to Obey for Baba, Love for Baba, Tolerance, Mandali, and Baba’s Silence) among Sahavasees facilitated by Shri. Gokaran Shrivastava, Smt. Urmilla Shrivastava , Mr Sam Patel, Ms Mehera Arjani, Shri Anna Khandale,Mr Hoshang and Mrs Havovi Dadachanji.Followed by Group presentations on the highlights of the discussion by Sahavasees.

In the night after dinner, Sahavasees got together for a Baba Quiz to enhance their knowledge about Baba’s Life, Work ( Books, Seclusion, Silence, New Life, Mast tours, Messages ), Baba’s Satguru’s & Mandali, Important dates & Centres and had lot of fun and bonding in Avatar’s orbit of Love.

Third Day was dedicated to Service projects at Meherabad, facilitated by – Ted Judson, Janet Judson, Amrita Iran, Archana, Meg, Heather, Janaki, Jessica, Steve.

Upper Meherabad - Painting the stones on the path up to Samadhi, Cleaning Baba’s Kitchen and Old Hospital Building, Women Shrines & Museum.

Lower Meherabad – Cleaning Mandali Hall, Table House, Baba’s Jhopdhi, Baba’s Chevrolet Car. All the Sahavasees were thrilled with joy and for ever thankful to Beloved Baba for having this wonderful opportunity to serve Meherabad.

In the afternoon the Sahavasees got together in a fun activity- Kite making and Baba’s favourite sports-Cricket and Photo Frame making.

In the evening we had a highly engaging knowledge session on AMB Theme of Creation. An exhaustive visual presentation in Hindi with translation in English was facilitated by Dr. Gokaran Shrivastava and Mrs. Urmilla Shrivastava.

In the night the Sahavasees enjoyed listening to Baba stories with Sam Patel. His stories filled lot of laughter and humour to make it a sweet end of day. AMB Bombay Centre Golden Jubilee Brochure was also distributed to all the Sahavasees.

Fourth Day was visit and Darshan at Meherazad, all the Sahavasees were greeted by Merwan and Meherazad Family, filled with beautiful presents shared by them on behalf of Dear Meheru for Sahavasees. This was a very special day as we got the opportunity to stay back at Meherazad and had lunch with Meherazad Family. Followed by a love drenched Bhajan program- radiating Meher Baba’s presence, by Sahavasees in Mandali Hall.

The evening was welcomed with a soaring high multi-coloured kite in the sky at Trust Office. We had the great opportunity to meet Bhauji and Smt. Rama Bai, Mehernathji, Raj Kalchuri, Craig and office staff in Ahmednagar Baba Centre. Prayers from all Religions were offered to Beloved Baba to begin the program followed by a mesmerising dance performance and melodious music program by the Sahavasees. Bhauji was very happy with the bhajans presented and dholak played by Sahavasees. He met all the Sahavasees and gave them Trinity’s Clap (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) and Prasad. The evening came to an end with a beautiful Group picture in the Trust Office compound with the backdrop of Namo................

In the night we had a blissful music program with Shri Pratap Ahir and Group. The program had a beautiful blend of Baba stories and melodious bhajans.

Fifth Day was dedicated to Visit at Sakori in reverence to Shri Upasani Maharaj. All the Sahavasees accompanied with Shri Anna Khandale and Bif Soper visited the Ashram and were very happy to have Darshan of Shri Upasani Maharaj’s room & Samadhi, Godawari Mai Samadhi, splendid Ganesh Puja and Utsav .We had a short tour of the Ashram and were delighted to see the staircase, where Mehera saw Beloved Baba for the first time! After this we visited Dahi Gaon and were happy to have lunch surrounded by Mango orchids. Shri Anna Khandale and Bif shared with us stories of Baba and Maharaj with the Sahavasees and later we all had a group picture at the spot where Baba and Maharaj had their final meeting.

On our way back we visited the Mula Dam and were completely thrilled to see the expanse of this water body in Ahmednagar. All the Sahavasees got completely refreshed in the cool, clean and sweet water. There were pictures taken in the water and kites in the sky and hot tea with bhajias served to make it a Meher picnic.

In the night we had the 1st Birthday Celebration of the youngest Sahavasee. The entire Meherabad visited the Sahavas site to join in the celebration and there was abundant merriment and Meher joy overflowing. Thank you Baba!

Sixth Day was the most memorable day at Meherazad, for the first time we got the opportunity to have Service projects organised for Sahavasees.We started the day with Beloved Baba’s Darshan at the Mandali Hall and all the Sahavasees recited Eruch’s daily prayer to Baba. After this Service Projects were facilitated by Fallu & Peter- Baba’s De Soto Car and Garage cleaning, Flint - Fixing the stones to make path up to seclusion hill, Mehera Arjani - Uprooting Congress Grass, Shelley and Kacy- Uprooting Lantana. Sahavasees garlanded the top of Seclusion at the end of Service Project.

At the end Sahavasees were presented special Prasad packets by Merwan and Surprise Gift- Glasses from Aloba’s collection.

In the Night we had the Grand Finale – Meher Mélange! Music, dance, skit performed by Sahavasees to thank Meherabad for this beautiful week we all celebrated in Beloved Baba’s Company. Meher Baba Dhanyavaad.

Seventh Day -We had a very special Guest Speaker Craig Ruff for the closing day. Craig touched the hearts of Sahavasees by sharing powerful stories on spiritual understanding and it actually opened up our hearts with love for each other. All the Sahavasees also received copies of his book – Oneness in the World - IV.

After this all the Sahavasees visited Mandali Hall at Lower Meherabad for sharing their Sahavas experiences with each other. The atmosphere was filled with tears of leaving Meherabad and separation with each other after this joyful love-feast gathering with Beloved Baba. Shri Jal Dastur distributed Ice-Cream, Baba Buttons and Beautiful Baba’s prayer cards to Sahavasees as Prasad.

At the end all the Sahavasees offered a rose at Beloved Baba’s Chair to express their heartfelt gratitude and love to Our Master-Shri Meher Baba for giving us this beautiful gift of His Companionship.