MbYAS 2013 Celebration Night Videos

Dance on Ganesh Vandana by Chandan Warthe……

The light of the Sun imbues our existence with life and summons our gratitude and reverence. Daylight breaking over the horizon is a very auspicious time for all and heralds the start of a new day. A time for new beginnings, new hopes and possibilities. A pristine beautiful time to thank the Supreme Being for our good fortune, to pray for the courage and fortitude to face old and new challenges; and to uncover our kinder and compassionate souls in dealing with his children.

What better way to start this event than by appealing to Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of Beginnings. Ganesha, the pot-bellied darling of all is also identified as Vignesh, the Remover of Obstacles, and Vakratunda, One with the curved trunk.

Telugu Bhajan Mandali

In the ocean of your love we learned the path of our life ooh Baba jai jai kar ho aapki "jai jailu jai jailu jagadeshwarunaki jai jailu"

Oh Baba in this MbYAS we constantly remembered you n will continue even after getting back home and will remember your words "don't worry be happy n hamesha ninne talachedamu...."

By - Aditya, Madhuri, Meher Cahndra, Meher Kiran, Meher Sandilya, Meher Shyam, Meher Supraja, Meher Swapna, Rekha, Somnath.
Dholak by Nitin, Harmonium by Ashish.

“I love you now, till the end!”

A performance by 'Meher Kanth' rock-star of the Baba world.... a heartfelt dedication to our Beloved Baba & to his wife, Ruby.
This song talks about the undying love that one has for their beloved .. "I love you now, till the end!"

The Sahavas Qawali

The Sahavas Qwwali: Each Sahavas we compose a sahavas song. This year we bring you a new flavour "the Sahavas Qwwali"

Singers sitting (left to right) :Apeksha, Shruti, Nilima, Prachini, Rashmi, Priya, Nitin (on dholak), Rajat, Vicky, Ashish (on harmonium), Twisha, Tejaswi, Sujata, Mehera, Priti & Madhura

Singers standing (left to right): Vishvajeet, Kalpesh, Amol, Pavan, Pankaj, Mikinch, Aditya, & Naman

Radha Radha

"Radha Radha Kuthe geli" by Meher n Rashmi: The colorful depiction of Radha and Krishna Ras Lila on the melodious Marathi song "Radha kuthe geli"

Radha Radha - Meher Mi'lange (Celebration night) MbYAS 2013

"Radha Radha Kuthe geli" by Meher n Rashmi: The colorful depiction of Radha and Krishna Ras Lila on the melodious Marathi song "Radha kuthe geli"

Posted by Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kabir Dohas

Kabir dohas extolling the virtues of humility n love

Vocals : Rajat

Guitar : Siddharth

Amravati girls Dandiya

Amravati girls Dandiya: Amrawati girls bringing back those days with Baba and women mandali, portraying the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami.

Arju as Meher Baba, Prachini as Mehera, Nilima as Manija, Poonam, Madhura, Viibha, Mehera,Yogita, Priti, Shruti, Diksha, Dipali, Prajyoti, Apeksha

A Play

Nothing is real but God. But what when man himself tries to become God? Drunk high on the success, selfish motives, wealth and science, the ego can turn a man into a monster. Its only Love and Love for God that mankind can redeem itself. The only way to divine love is through helping others.

Written and Directed by Mahen

Meher Kanth as Amar Jeet Singhania

Jigna portraying soul of Mr Singhania

Shyam as Doctor

Devkey as Meher Baba

Nagpur Bhajan Mandali

Nagpur bhajan Mandali, first Welcoming all the Perfect Masters in a very cadence song, then after the famous "Baba hu" Qawali portraying the obsequiousness of Baba.

Preformers: Pavan, Vishu, Nitin (on dholak), Rashmi, Priya, Kiran, Prashant, Ashish (on harmonium), Amol, Kalpesh

Aaj Jane ki Zidd na karo

As the end of this Meherabad young adult sahavas is near, we are heavy hearted. Please Baba extend this celebration night. A celebration in your name so that these memories, these wonderful precious moments will remain intact in our hearts. Let cherish these Meherious moments to convey our love to Baba and ask Him to stay with us more, a bit more. Aaj Jane ki Ziddh na Karoo.....

Dance by Twisha, vocals by Rajat, on dholak is Nitin, on guitar is Siddharth

All boys candle dance

Om Meher Baba all boys candle dance: A contemporary candle dance/show by Sahavas boys, showing the plight of a lover's heart lit by burning candles.

Performed by Nilesh, Nitin, Vishal, Raghav, Rahul, Somnath, Vishu, Pankaj, Shashank, Bhushan, Meher, Pawan, Krunal
Choreographed by Nitin

Dance of Love “Chap Tilak”

Dance of Love, Chap Tilak : Presenting the Dance of Love. Set to "Chhap Tilak Sab Chheeni re" penned by the great Persian poet and mystic Amir Khusrau. This a dance drama depicting how different traditions fuse & transform in Meher Baba's love dissolving into the One dance of love.

Performed by kathak by Ankita, ballet by Tarana, persian dance by Madhuri & sufi dervesh dance by Aditya and sufi qawwaals (left to right): Supriya, Kalpesh, Shashank, Vicky, Ashish, Amol and Vijetha, background voice introduction by Farzeen.
Choreographed by Chandani & Shilpi

"Chhap tilak sab chheeni re mose naina milai ke
Khusrau nijam ke bal bal jayon, mohe suhagan kar deeni re mose naina milaye ke"

You've taken away my looks, my identity, by just a glance.

I give my life to you, Oh my cloth-dyer,
You've dyed me in yourself, by just a glance

By making me drink the wine of love-potion,
You've intoxicated me by just a glance;

My fair, delicate wrists with green bangles in them,
Have been held tightly by you with just a glance.

I give my whole life to you Oh, Nijam,
You've made me your bride, by just a glance.

Final Arti and ending

Thanks to Baba in Rakhi and Siddrath for hosting, Nariman & Devanshi for music/sound and Yohan, Vishu, Haridas, Meher baitule for stage setup and all Sahavasees