MbYAS 2015 Day 1

"Long, long ago I lost my self and became God, but I thank God I didn't lose my sense of humor” ~ Meher Baba

Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas is one of the most awaited events among young Baba lovers and is celebrated after the monsoons each year. The theme of this year's Sahavas was 'Divine humour'.

The Sahavas started with Welcome Tilak and registration on afternoon of Sunday, 30th August. New Sahavasees from various parts of India and the globe flocked to participate in this year's Sahavas. Amazingly, this was the largest sahavas ever with over 146 participations. For the first time this year, Baba's seven color flag was hoisted by Mrs.Neeru Panchal in the presence of Heather Nadel, Ramesh Jangle and Prakash Panchal. Surely everyone still remember how the flag was unfurled. Perhaps Baba wanted us to become more live by doing His Jai Jai Kar. Amidst loud cheering and chants of 'Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai' did the knot open and flag hoisted finally! Such are Baba's ways. Mrs.Neeru Panchal shared stories and it was an overwhelming experience. Prayers for rains in Meherabad and Meherazad were done by each and all. Baba's presence was felt by everyone and this was a befitting start to the Sahavas laden with divine humour and divine love.

After evening prayers culminated and the first meal of Sahavas was served as a Prasad, Sahavas Dhuni was ignited by new sahavasees under the aegis of Alan. As soon as we all gathered by the Dhuni site, there was a Big Baba picture admist cloud. His hairs were flowing with a smile. And that enlighted everyone's heart who had witness it. It was mesmerizing to see fellow sahavasees walking in a line with their candles lit from Dhuni and singing various Baba dhun's. As we all gathered back in our meeting bay, it was the time when the organizers made the groups for next day which was a Meherazad day. After the groups were made and instructions were given we dispersed to our respective bays as it was the curfew time. And that was the end of the first day of Sahavas with Baba and yet the beginning of Sahavas with Baba.

In Beloved Meher Baba's Love and Service.