MbYAS 2015, Day 3

Jai Meher Baba dear Sahavasees!!!

Let's go back to the third day of MbYAS - 2015. Here are the treasured moments captured. Let's cherish the wonderful time we had.

We all gathered in meeting bay with the Jai Jai Kar of our Beloved Meher Baba. Singing lovely bhajans and songs. After going through the day's schedule, we got teamed up for the Group Discussion.

The morning session had a splendid speech by the Guest Speaker - Cyrus Khambata. The topic was - What is Baba's Work and How to go about it?". At the end of the session, we had the question - answer session. Sahavasees asked various questions to Cyrus Khambata. It was a very good interactive session.

After lunch, Sahavasees attended respective Cultural Workshops. The tea was served in MPC. We then had a quick meet in MPC dinning hall about the location for their Gd group. And we all departed to our respective locations for an amazing GD with our various facilitators. Our facilitators were - Dara Irani, Amrit Irani, Ramesh Jangle, Mr.& Mrs. Gokaran Srivastava, Mr.& Mrs. Hanspal, Dr. Narendra Prasad, Bif Soper, Cyrus Khambata and Pratap Air. The topics were :

1)Life of surrenderance
Facilitator: Amrit Irani

2)Divine Humour
Facilitator: Cyrus Khambata

3)Divine Humour
Facilitator:Dara Irani

4)Baba's Silence
Facilitator: Pratap Ahir

5)Future of Meheabad:
Facilitator : Ramesh jangle

6)Attitude of pilgrims:
Facilitator : Mr & Mrs Hanspal

7)Why did Baba call himself the "Ancient One" and sometimes "Highest of the High"
Facilitator: Dr. Gokaran Srivastava

8)Baba's decent on earth..
Facilitator: Urmila Srivastava

9)places of Baba visits
Facilitator: Narendra uncle

10) spiritual training at Meherabad
Facilitator: Bif Soper

The night session was the most fun session- Quiz time. Where only the host Siddharth Verma rules! Besides winning and loosing, what mattered is the things we get to learn from this fabulous quiz which is based only on Baba. Then we headed to Hostel C after the quiz.

In Beloved Baba's Love and Service.