MbYAS 2015, Day 4

Day 4 was an eventful day-The service project day. The day to serve. In every Sahavas a variety of service projects are organized and this is one of the most important part of the Sahavas. By services projects the trust guide us and allow us to work for this sacred place. Each year we the sahavasees are blessed to offer some service at Meherabad. These service projects help us to learn how Meherabad is maintained by the trust . These projects are great way to understand how the trust works. How much dedicated and particular, the Meherabad family is, about the wellbeing of Meherabad. Below are the service project list :
1)Cleaning of Mandali Hall

2)Tree Plantation

3)Cleaning of Jhopdi and Table House

4)Cleaning of Flour Mill

5)White-wash of Flour Mill

6)White-wash of Baba's Interview Cabin

7)White-wash of Dr.Donkin's Dispensary

8)Samadhi Path Stone Painting

9) Hand sewing of cloth materials needed for rehousing

10) Cleaning and inventory of archive collection items from storage trunks

11) Cleaning Baba museum

12) Cleaning Women Mandali Shrines

After Lunch we prepared ourselves to present the teachings of yesterday's Group Discussions. In a brief, yet very profound way each group presented the learnings . Few groups conveyed via skit, few choose multimedia presentation and rest of them explained by oration and speech. The prominence of first time sahavasees in the group discussions and presentation was appreciated.

In the night after dinner we watched Charlie Chaplin movie at hostel A theatre.