MbYAS 2015, Day 5

The third last day of Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas 2015.

Everyone gathered at meeting bay for team up of Meherabad tour. Meherabad is not only a pilgrimage site with building artefacts from Baba's time, but also the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Trust maintains offices, workshops, various dormitories, hostels and archive centre/ museums for the pilgrims and visitors.
The trust works meticulously with budget constrains and maintains the Meherabad sites which is why it is still habitable with resources like water and electricity.

The tour group was divided into two, Upper Meherabad consisting of The Samadhi, women mandali shrines, Baba's Kitchen, Tin shed, Baba's room, etc. and Lower Meherabad including Mandali Hall, original well, Table house, Mandali hall, Rahuri cabin, Gillori Shaw tomb and Men mandali shrines.

After Lunch, it was time for workshops, cultural, music, dance, skits, art and craft. Everyone indulged in being creative, honing their artistic skills and learning new craft.

Along with the Afternoon tea and snacks, we celebrated two Sahavasees birthday Jay and Nilima by cutting the cake and doughnuts were served.

Following tea break we had a lovely talk with guest speaker Rustom Falahati on managing relationships'. The talk was enlightening as Rustom Falahati shared personal incidences and how Baba's sayings and orders are supposed to be followed.

Post dinner everyone prepared for Celebration Night the day after.