MbYAS 2016 Welcome Day

31st July 2016. The first day of MbYAS 2016 i.e. The Welcome Day! Since its first edition in 2001, Sahavas is eagerly awaited every year by young Baba lovers because it gives them an opportunity to be with their Beloved for seven whole days !! And just like every time, this Sahavas also started with the Tilak ceremony post lunch. Songs and bhajans had already begun to energize the participants as registrations took place and sahavas goodies such as t-shirts, schedule etc were distributed.

Following tilak and registration, we had tea and went up the hill for evening aarti. After evening aarti and dinner, everyone gathered at cricket ground for Dhuni. Dhuni was lit and Alan read out the Dhuni prayer.

Following Dhuni, everyone assembled in Hostel C meeting bay for a fun-filled introduction session. This was a befitting end to the first day of MBYAS 2016.

Please enjoy the MbYAS 2016 Welcome day Pictures.