MbYAS 2016 Day 2

The second day of the Sahavas started with the Baba flag hosting. We all gathered outside Hostel C after morning aarti and breakfast, Yohaan with other volunteers set the flag for hosting. Meherabad residents Jal Dastoor, Dolly Dastoor, Heather Nadel and Ramesh Jangle with special guest Dr. Narendra Prasad were present there for Flag hosting ceremony. Sahi, Asish with Ajit sang Baba bhajans during the hosting ceremony also with Dolly aunty requests Meher Kale sang "Welcome to My World". Afterward, Dr. Narendra Prasad gave a presentation on Baba's New life, revealing the intrinsic details and research he did relate to Baba's New Life.

Then we all boarded the buses for Meherazad. Every year we go to Meherazad and the Meherazad family welcome us with the same enthusiasm. Reached around 11 am, we had a tour of Meherazad, we also went up the hill as the weather was pleasant. Afterward, we had our lunch severed at old Meherazad free dispensary building.

After Lunch, we all boarded the buses for Nagar Trust office, where Rama aunty, Mehernath Kalchuri and family with trust residents were waiting for us. We had a tour of AMB trust compound and Mehernath Kalchuri gave an insightful talk on New Life and how to live Baba's New life which is ever eternal. Afterward with Baba bhajans and songs cake was cut on the occasion of Rama aunty's birthday (Bhau Kalchuri's wife) and we all enjoyed the cinnamon cake with tea.

In the evening after dinner, Baba movie was shown at Theater A.