MbYAS 2017 Welcome Day

Months of arduous planning and efforts culminated in the Grand Finale which was the Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas 2017. To see His lovers pouring in from far and beyond to be in their Beloved’s company was a divine experience. And what better to see His love for His lovers pouring in abundance as rains welcomed the Sahavasees. Right from Tilak, distribution of ID cards, and essential Sahavas goodies, Sahavasees were overwhelmed by the atmosphere in Hostel C, the place to be for the next 7 days. The theme of MbYAS 2017 - Power of His Name resonated in everyone’s heart. After the welcome by bhajan mandali with chants of Hari Parmatma Allah Ahurmazda God Yezdan Hu, sahavasees were oriented about Meherabad and MbYAS rules. This was followed by a beautiful session of garland making for Beloved Baba as a ‘Thank You Baba’ gesture. Garland making along with the bhajans was a sight to behold. The sahavasees walked up to Samadhi with the garland and offered it to Beloved Baba during the prayers. After prayers, it was time for the first of many meals together in C Hostel. This was followed by Dhuni and prayers. The first day culminated with Bhajans and a special Kathak performance by Utkarsha and Kalyani, both Baba lovers. All in all, the rains and the bhajans welcomed the sahavasees in the divine world of His intimate company. Before anyone could even know, it was time for the Sahavsees to retire into their respective bays and that’s how Day 1 of MbYAS 2017 came to an end!