MbYAS 2017 Day 2

The first morning, surely you'll would had been amazed with Yohann's Announcement and probably shall be missing. We started our day with Flag hosting and still, the Jai Jai kaar of Meher Baba is still echoing in our eyes. What a mesmerizing sight it was - unfurling Baba's flag with His Jai Jai kaar by His Beloved Ones ! Followed by bhajan and Meher dhun that charged up each individual present from Sahavasee to Chairman, Trustees and Residents. We are grateful to them for joining us. The next half session of the morning was important to each person who comes to Meherabad for pilgrimage -"Meherabad Orientation". The session was conducted by Meherabad Residents - Amrit Irani and Heather Nadel. They explained various aspects of "how a pilgrim should be during his/her pilgrimage". Surely each of us would adhere to it. And it was followed by a group activity which our dear Mrs. Dilemeher conducted. A wonderful activity wherein we learnt and exchanged a lot of thoughts. The activity concluded with groups sharing "What is Sahavas?" and "Expectations from Sahavas". Post lunch we were free enough to choose our workshop and attend. We had different workshops such as Manadala Making, Lippan Art, English Music, Hindi Music, Song writing, Rangoli and Photography. Each one was happily indulged in their respective worskshops. Tea was then served in MPC followed by a Musical Concert by James Newell and group. A sheer musical treat ! We have had been hearing and singing James's song but see him live performing with his group was a magical delight. We ceased our day with beautiful Baba movie in Theater A. And thereafter it was time to retire with Beloved Baba in His arms.

In Beloved Meher Baba's Love and Service,
MM Team