MbYAS 2017 Day 3

Jai Meher Baba!

Day 3, the day to learn and know more about our Beloved Meher Baba. It was a day of learning and knowing more about Meher Baba in different ways such as Baba Talks, Group Discussions, and Quiz.
We started our day as usual with singing for Beloved Baba and praising Him. This was followed by an astounding speech by Dr. Ajit Soni from Navsari. He is the son of Bachubhai Soni, who was an ardent old Baba Lover. The afternoon session was when we all headed towards our respective workshop locations and started our workshops followed by tea at MPC. The second part of the afternoon session was very important - Group Discussions. Sahavasees were divided into 9 groups which were facilitated by senior Baba Lovers.
The topics for Group Discussions and their facilitator were :

1) Love and Divine Love - Dilmeher Bharucha Bhola

2) Beloved Baba's Mandali - Dr. Anne

3) Beloved Baba's Mandali - Bob Street

4) Beloved Baba's Mandali - Amrit Irani

5) Mastery in Servitude - Dr. Ajit Soni

6) Power of His name with reference to His advent - Dr. Gokaran Srivastava

7) Let the Life go on with His Power - Dr. Urmila Srivastava

8) Bringing Baba in Your Daily Life - Bif Soper

9) Beloved Baba's Mast - Caran St. John

We are much grateful to all our facilitators for sharing Baba information and stories.

And the night session - the most exciting part of Sahavas - Quiz. Again, Sahavasees were divided into groups based on their bands. Now the interesting part of this Baba quiz is that the rules are set by the Quiz Master and change at any point in time. This is the most lively and exciting session. The Baba Quiz is based on His Life as an Avatar on earth and questions pertaining to His Avataric advent, discourses, messages et al. We all play to gain His love and nobody loses! In order to keep encouraging Sahavasees, small gifts were given to the ones who gave correct answers. This was one entertaining as well as a fun-filled event with knowledge sharing on Meher Baba's life. The day ended with a hot cup of night tea and everyone retiring to their respective bays.

In Beloved Meher Baba's Love and Service,
MM Team