MbYAS 2017 Day 4

hey are right when they say "Time flies when you are enjoying yourself". Before we could even understand, we reached halfway through our Sahavas journey. And as befitting it could be, today was the day when we were to realize the motto of our Beloved's teachings 'Mastery in Servitude' through the Service Projects. First off, the morning meeting was uplifted by another rendition of God's Names set in tune by the Sahavasees. This was followed by allotment and team meeting for the various service projects, in Upper And Lower Meherabad listed as follows (along with their curators):

1) Men Mandali Graves cleaning, polishing stones and marble-Ted Judson

2) Mast tomb whitewash -Ted Judson

3) Samadhi path stone painting -Yohann Noble

4) Whitewash, Mandali Hall outside -Steve

5)Whitewash, Dr. Donkins Dispensary - Steve

6) Museum cleaning - Janki

7) Women Shrines - Janki

8) Tree plantation-Ramesh Jangle
9) Theater cleaning and stacking equipments - Kitty Muir

The Service Projects instill a sense of responsibility in us and make us understand the significance of Meherabad and the importance of the spiritual work done by Meher Baba in this Blessed spot. Post lunch, Sahavasees spend time with their respective groups to prepare for the group presentations in the evening. It was just beautiful to see the young Sahavasees presenting their part so enthusiastically. It was a visual and intellectual feast! As it turns out, this momentum was maintained in the evening by our very own Dr. DilMeher Bharucha who took us to a world of Baba messages and stories. It was Baba's love that flowed from her words into the hearts of Sahavasees and each one of them saw Baba, His working with the Mandali and His love for His lovers. The day ended with every Sahavasee intoxicated with the Divine wine of Beloved Baba's love.

In Beloved Baba's Love and Service