MbYAS 2017 Day 5

Today was one of the most awaited days of the entire Sahavas journey and it surely was worth the wait! The day of visit to Gorakshnath Temple atop a quiet hill near Beloved Baba's Home Meherazad. Two buses bustling with Baba music and energy headed off to the shrine. Good things in life don't come easy and it was truly felt by everyone as the 4km long uphill trek turned out to be quite exhaustive. However, it was then that everyone realized the Power of His Name and mere taking His name and singing Bhajans enabled all His lovers to scale the Hill. And it was surreal to see the world from atop the hill with Meherazad in clear view. Upon darshan, Bif Soper spoke to the sahavasees about the spiritual significance of this place. As it turns out, Baba would come to the shrine of this Perfect Master along with His woman mandali. The intensity of the Spiritual energy of the place was felt by everyone alike. A simple lunch was arranged for everyone in the midst of nature and the whistling trees. Returning back, all sahavasees were engaged in preparations for the gala evening: Meher Embrace, the Music Night. As Baba would want it, the sahavasees came up with yet another dhun for God's seven names. And all in an hour's effort as guided by James Neville Ph.D. and Ted Judson. The show put up by everyone for everyone was enchanting with sahavases' scintillating performances that echoed through entire Meherabad. Loud slogans and shouts for His name drowned the ever-buzzing noise of our musings and problems and all that remained was a deafening silence. Silence of the minds and all that spoke were the Hearts brimming with His love.