MbYAS 2017 Day 6

After an overwhelming evening of music and splendor and celebration of Beloved's love, today was the day to experience His loving presence at no other place than Meherazad, the abode of Beloved Meher Baba. But this visit to Meherazad was a different one as for the first time Sahavsees walked on the approach road to Meherazad singing the seven names of God with a prayer for the ongoing issue of Private Approach Road. The sound of these chants created a divine atmosphere. And what was even more enchanting was to see the villagers, kids, and even animals alongside the path joining us in remembering God. It was a sight to behold; like the entire creation on a pilgrimage in a majestic caravan. After visiting the seclusion hill and taking a tour of Meherazad, sahavsees sat down in the Mandali Hall, the room that speaks of His Divine presence till date. They sang their heart out and the surroundings reverberated with the sounds of His name. Post lunch, sahavsees visited the AMBPPCT office, the erstwhile Khushrau Quarters where Mehernath Kalchuri and Raj Kalchuri shared the significance of the Ahmednagar Centre and Trust Office and their life with Baba and His most intimate Mandali, Bhau Kalchuri. The evening of Day 6 comprised of the most solemn moment of MbYAS which is the experience sharing session. Candles, flowers, and Rangoli beautified the Mandali Hall premises. The sahavsees cried their hearts out and each eye was moist for it was the moment everyone dreaded was near, the moment of separation from the Beloved. But we depart only to come close and the eternal living Beloved Meher Baba is ever living in our hearts. With this thought, the sahavsees returned to their bays to spend one last night together with their Beloved and welcome the last day of MbYAS 2017.

In Beloved Baba's Love and Service.

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