MbYAS 2017 Day 7

"Hari Parmatma Allah Ahurmazda God Yazdan Hu"
Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. And this is absolutely true for Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas. Each year, young adults come to sahavas to be in Beloved Baba's most intimate company. And these seven days turn out to be one of the most blissful experiences of their life. The last day of MbYAS 2017 starting with an interactive session of the sahavsees with the Trustees of AMBPPC Trust. Along with answering queries of sahavsees and sharing their experiences as trustees of His trust they also felicitated all workers, chefs and staff who were the backbone of MbYAS 2017 and ensured Sahavsees had their most beautiful moments. This was followed by the grand finale of MBYAS: Last darshan and chanting of seven names of God under the teen shade in front of His Gaadi where the women Mandali used to recite seven names of God. This event was quite significant as sahavsees drowned in His love meditating and singing of His glory. The atmosphere of the Samadhi Hill was charged with the sweet scent of His name and each Sahavsee felt divine bliss. Tears rolled down the faces as Sahavsees bid one other goodbye with promises to return and rejoice in His love. Everyone received Prasad gifts and wood pieces from Baba's pumpkin house as a token of love.
The hearts of the sahavsees were brimming with love and the feeling was extraordinary. After an overwhelming session and final darshan, sahavsees proceeded to have their lunch together one last time as they departed to their homes and monotonous routines of their humdrum life. They carried beloved Baba in their hearts and this most intimate Sahavas as a gift from their Beloved Lord which will be an experience to cherish lifelong !

In Beloved Baba's Love and Service