MbYAS 2018 Day 2

The Day started with Yohaan's quirkiest announcement. Second Day of MbYAS 2018. First, we hosted Baba seven color flag, with trust Chairman Shridhar Kelka and trustees Jal Dastoor, Ramesh Jangle and residents of Meherabad Ted Judson, Jamie Newell, Mr & Mrs. Hanspal and Neeru Panchal. Indira Hanspal distributed flavorsome prasad of halwa, also know as sheera.
After the flag hosting, "Don't Worry Be Happy" book was inaugurated with sahavas bhajan mandali sang Baba bhajan with Ted and Jamie. This book, a collection of Baba stories and Baba quotes specially incepted for the MbYAS 2018.  With Baba's Jaikar everyone gathered inside meeting bay. There Mrs. DilMeher Bharucha-Bhola organized a unique yet entertaining way for introduction and welcome program. Game of animals, where one has to find their respective animal group. Each group member had to introduce himself/herself to the other group member and share his/her Baba story with Baba center engagement. Then a group leader introduced his/her group to everyone.
After the introduction session, Mr. Mehernosh Mehta gave an impacting Baba talk, sharing his childhood stories and how He (Baba) takes care of everything in spite of life's atrocities. After Mehernosh talk, we had a hearty lunch and everyone engaged in their respective Cultural Workshop:
Shrine Covers Making
Stone Painting
Tie and dye Art
Hindi Music
English Music
Movie Making
In the evening 4 pm we had our tea at MPC, then all the sahavasees were assembled for Group Discussions

Mr. Mehernosh Mehta Talk