MbYAS 2016 Day 6

Jai Meher Baba Sahavasees!!!

Lets cherish the blissful time we had with our Beloved Meher Baba during MbYAS - 2016. As you all know, the entire event was captured in the form of pictures and videos and we are now ready to publish them after post processing. The first release of this year is Meher Sparkle - the night of Celebration where almost each of us had performed or played an important part in managing the programme.

We are grateful to our Lord Almighty for giving us this beautiful opportunity to perform for Him. In all six days He has given much more to each of us and it was our time to entertain Him with music and dance and thank Him.

So folks, get ready to have a photographic walk of Meher Sparkle ! Find the link below:

In Beloved Baba's Love and Service,

MbYAS 2015 Celebration Night Videos

MbYAS 2016, Day 6 Pictures