MbYAS 2016 Day 7

Meher Baba’s New Life was the theme of this year’s Young Adult Sahavas at Meherabad. Baba-lovers from diverse backgrounds came together to learn and grow closer to Him, while also offering service and creative expression to the atmosphere of His Home. Of 128 participants, 70 percent were attending the Sahavas for the first time. While most were from India, there were also some attending from China.
The Sahavasees attended talks and discussion groups focusing on Baba’s New Life, visited Meherazad and Khushru Quarters (AMB Trust Compound), and participated in a Padyatra (walking procession) for five kilometres from Kinetic Chowk, Ahmednagar to Meherabad. Honoring the foot journeys done by Baba and the Mandali during the New Life, the Padyatra was completed with great enthusiasm. The Sahavasees sang bhajans and “Meher Dhun” along the way, with Baba’s seven-colored flag fluttering in the breeze.
Service projects included maintenance of historic buildings and the planting of eighty trees in lower Meherabad. There were various cultural workshops as well, including a wall painting in Hostel A in the Warli style, a beautiful folk art originating in Maharashtra. The painting depicted the Samadhi surrounded by 128 Sahavasees.
Remembering Eruch in this year of his 100th birthday, the departing Baba-lovers took with them this message delivered by Eruch to the first group of Young Adult Sahavasees in 2001: “. . . let your Sahavas of the heart with Him stretch beyond Meherabad, beyond Meherazad, beyond all the limitations by keeping His company wherever you are and wherever He leads you. That is the Real Sahavas of heart and it is eternally accessible to all those who are determined to be His!”